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    Track Palin, Bristol Palin, Republican U.S vice-presidential nominee Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin holding Trig Palin,

    Sarah Palin’s son Track will find his freedom limited, but once again he will avoid jail time for now before he faces his latest domestic violence charges. Palin had a hearing today in veteran’s court to see if he would be allowed to stay in the special program which let him seek therapy instead of incarceration.

    TMZ says that while Palin will no longer be able to stay in the special veteran’s program, the court decided not to send him to jail. Part of Track Palin’s agreement with the veteran’s court was that if he didn’t finish the year of therapy he’d go to jail. Palin has been tossed from the program but will go to a halfway house instead, at least until he goes to court in his most recent assault case, which the court is now calling a misdemeanor.

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    An Old Shed Which Is Locked

    A British man believed to have been enslaved in 1978 and held captive for 40 years in a tiny six-foot shed has finally been freed.

    Metro reports that the man looked like a “rabbit in the headlights” when he was was was finally freed.

    The man was discovered following a dawn raid at a residential site on the outskirts of Carlisle, Cumbria.

    The authorities suspect the man in question was taken prisoner in 1978 at the age of 18 and forced into the tiny room and a life of misery.

    Pictures from the scene capture the full degradation the man, now 58, was forced to endure. His home for 40 years houses a raggedy old stained carpet, a broken down electric heater, a filthy blanket, and a rusty old garden chair. The shed also contained a flat-screen TV.

    Officials from the Gangmasters and Labor Abuse Authority (GLAA) are now looking after the man.

    Specialist trauma officers are assessing his mental health and carrying out medical examinations.

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    Elderly couple sits on back of car, viewing road map together.

    An elderly couple from Sevier County, Tennessee, who had been missing for nearly a week, was found in Atlanta on Tuesday, reports WBIR 10 News. Tony and Delores Amaral, who are in their mid-80s, apparently drove for five days in their gold PT Cruiser from state to state unable to find their way home. Their concerned daughter Lisa Oelerich says that one of them had fallen at home, so the couple set out on a car trip to UT Medical Center in Knoxville, which serves East Tennessee residents. But their quick drive to the hospital took a turn for the worse as the couple ended up driving hundreds of miles out of the way when they became lost and unable to return home. The couple’s daughter filled in more details.

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    Eric McCormack attends his being honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on September 13, 2018 in Hollywood, California.

    Unlike his outspoken co-star Debra Messing, ‘Will and Grace’ lead actor Eric McCormack said he often thinks twice about being vocal about politics on social media because he gets “nervous about it” according to Page Six.

    “I will say something about the president but I won’t include his [Twitter handle] because I don’t need the lunatics that follow him following me to threaten my family,” McCormack said at a recent event. “That’s where we’re at and it scares the s – – t out of me.”

    Unlike McCormack, Messing and the show both star in on NBC have not been shy about their thoughts on the new administration.

    The season premiere of the ‘Will and Grace’ reboot was full of references mocking the new president.

    For example, Messing’s character Grace is tasked with redecorating the Oval Office in the show’s opening episode.

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    5 Times Brett Kavanaugh Lied Under Oath: Supreme Court Nominee's Statements And Evidence They Were False

    As senators began reviewing documents from the FBI’s background investigation of Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Thursday morning, as The Washington Post reports, questions remained about the truthfulness of Kavanaugh’s sworn testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    As Inquisitr has reported, former college friends of Kavanaugh say that he lied under oath about his drinking habits from those years — lies that would be important to establish the credibility of allegations that he committed sexual assaults while highly intoxicated. But Kavanaugh has sought to downplay the extent of his drinking.

    His alcohol consumption and behavior while drunk were not the only topics about which Kavanaugh made false statements under oath, according to evidence gathered by several media outlets, including The New Yorker which found Kavanaugh’s Yale classmates who contradicted his testimony about his reported sexual assault on Deborah Ramirez.

    Here are five documented falsehoods told by Kavanaugh in his sworn testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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    Ted Koppel Rips CNN

    Veteran journalist Ted Koppel slammed CNN and MSNBC for their around-the-clock negative coverage of President Donald Trump, and said that the cable news networks’ ratings would collapse without Trump.

    Koppel — a former ABC News anchor and winner of 25 Emmy Awards — said that CNN and MSNBC love to attack Trump, yet desperately need him because they know he’s a cash cow who delivers monster ratings for them.

    “Money, money… Donald Trump has been wonderful for the [media] industry,” Koppel told CNN pundit Brian Stelter at a National Press Club discussion.

    Stelter conceded that CNN’s ratings have skyrocketed as much as 40 percent because of its nonstop, 24-hour coverage of President Trump, but claimed it’s not true that CNN “needs” Trump.

    ‘You Would Be Lost Without Trump’

    CNN’s ratings have lagged far behind rival cable news network Fox News since 1996, when FNC first launched.

    Since then, Fox News has consistently beaten CNN every hour of the day for the past 22 years, the Hill reported.

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    President Donald Trump soaks up the applause at the end of a campaign rally at Freedom Hall on October 1, 2018 in Johnson City, Tennessee.

    Thousands of supporters from across the country have gathered in Rochester, Minnesota, for Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again campaign rally at the Mayo Civic Center, according to reports from FOX47.

    Andy Krogstad, who is the managing director of the Mayo Civic Center, gave details of the capacity of the building’s 4,000 seats with the capability for an additional standing room for 1,500 extra people, which based on early returns, still may not be enough.

    Hopeful Trump supporters began gathering outside of the arena at 5:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning, ready to camp out in hopes of making it inside the building to hear Trump speak. The first person in line was Randal Thom of Lakefield, Minnesota, who has been to 40 other Trump campaign rallies.

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    Picture of a cedar waxwing eating a red berry

    Birds in Gilbert, Minnesota, have been overindulging in their alcohol of choice — fermented berries. According to the Anchorage Daily News, local police have indicated that young birds are having an especially difficult time handling their liquor. A statement from Gilbert Police Chief Ty Techar confirmed that the youthful, teenage-like birds “appear to be ‘under the influence’ [and are] flying into windows, cars, and acting confused.”

    Thrushes, robins, and cedar waxwings are among the bird species that act the rowdiest after getting intoxicated. When they’re in this state, it’s common to see them doing erratic, unusual things such as flying low to the ground and not paying any attention to dangerous obstacles, including cars. As one person commented on the Gilbert Police Department’s Facebook page, “this explains why I hit 7 birds with my car this week.”

    This gang of drunk birds is expected to sober up soon, but there are likely to be several casualties before that happens.

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    a russian pedophile cannibal and his girlfriend ate a guy

    A Russian man described as a “pedophile cannibal” has been arrested after police say he and his 12-year-old “girlfriend” dismembered their roommate and ate his brain. WARNING: The remainder of this article contains graphic content that may be disturbing to some readers.

    As The Nanton Newsreports, the 21-year-old victim, identified as Alexander Popovich, had been living outside of St. Petersburg with his roommate, the 22-year-old perp, whose name has not been released, and the 12-year-old girl, whose name has also not been released.

    It’s not clear how or why Popovich’s brother came to suspect that the victim was in trouble, nor is it clear how he gained access to the home where his body was found. Nevertheless, the man somehow gained entry to the home, and he found his brother’s dismembered body – without head or arms – underneath a sheet. He had also been disemboweled.

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    Women saves two Hispanic women from racist woman

    Although language is just a means of communication and it ideally shouldn’t matter what language you speak, some people are really bothered when they hear others speaking in a different language.

    While it could be frustrating for some if they are unable to understand what another person is saying, some people are just racist toward other cultures – just like in the case of a woman who couldn’t contain her racism while shopping at a grocery store.

    A video recently went viral which shows a white woman screaming at a racist shopper for allegedly harassing two Hispanic women in a Colorado shop on Monday, October 01.

    The video was filmed by one of the Hispanic women, identified as Fabiola Velasquez (Faby Velsa), per BuzzFeed News.

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    WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 01: U.S. President Donald Trump calls journalists 'loco,' which is Spanish for crazy, during a press conference to discuss a revised U.S. trade agreement with Mexico and Canada in the Rose Garden of the White House on October 1, 2018 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

    The New York Times article still has game-changing potential, according to Business Insider. The eight-page article details many issues of tax evasion, and at one point it accuses the president of the United States of “outright fraud.”

    The trouble is, there’s a very short statute of limitations on tax crimes. Though Trump is accused of many shady practices, such as undervaluing properties on tax forms, time ran out years ago on actually pressing charges.

    Not only is there a three-year statute of limitations on federal and New York state estate and gift tax audits, but the estate of Trump’s parents was already audited in 2000. These cases cannot be reopened.

    However, there is one issue where the statute of limitations does not apply: fraud. There is actually no statute of limitations on fraud.

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    Actor Dwayne Johnson attends the European Premiere of 'Rampage' at Cineworld Leicester Square on April 11, 2018 in London, England.

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took to Instagram to give his 116 million followers a glimpse at the new Hobbs and Shaw spin-off from the Fast and Furious films, according to E! News.

    The black and white photo features The Rock and co-star Jason Statham in an intense stare-down.

    “FIRST LOOK: HOBBS & SHAW. We either gonna get along or we gonna get it on,” Johnson captioned the photo. “F**k getting along.”

    Johnson plays Luke Hobbs, a hardboiled law enforcement agent, while Statham portrays Deckard Shaw, an ex-villain with a sorted past who joined up the Fast and Furious crew during the events of the last film.

    “Great first week of shooting our Fast & Furious spin-off, HOBBS & SHAW with my ace @jasonstatham,” Johnson wrote in the photo’s caption. “We’re havin’ a blast disrupting the norm to deliver something fresh, cool, fun and bad ass for the fans.”

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    Juan Romero, Teenage Busboy Who Cradled Dying Robert F. Kennedy After His Assassination, Dies At 68

    Juan Romero was just a teenager when he became part of one of the most iconic images of the 20th century, the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. Now, the former busboy who cradled the dying presidential candidate has died at age 68.

    Romero was a busboy working at the Ambassador Hotel in California when Kennedy was fatally shot by an assassin. Romero, who at the time was 17, held Kennedy, cradling his head in his dying moments. As People reported, Romero died this week after suffering a heart attack at his home in Modesto, California. His death comes just under five months since the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s death.

    Romero’s death was announced by Rigo Chacon, a family friend and television anchor.

    “He had a heart attack several days ago and his brain went too long without oxygen,” Chacon told the Los Angeles Times.

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    No Jail For 'Robin Hood' Banker Who Moved $1 Million From The Wealthy To Help Low-Income Clients Get Loans

    An Italian banker dubbed “Robin Hood” for his scheme to shift more than $1 million from wealthy clients to allow low-income families to get loans will now be getting off without jail time.

    Gilberto Baschiera’s scheme played out in a small Italian town during the global economic downturn of 2009. He worked as a bank manager and found that the economic crisis was hitting low-income residents the hardest, with the bank no longer giving loans to them. As the Washington Post reported, Baschiera decided to take matters into his own hands.

    So he began diverting money from the accounts of wealthy clients into residents of the small town who were seeking loans but didn’t have the assets to qualify. In all, he moved more than $1 million over the course of seven years, the report noted.

    “He wanted to help people who couldn’t access loans the normal way,” said his lawyer, Roberto Mete (via the BBC).

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    Lake at dusk close up

    Saga Vanecek, 8, was having a normal day of play in Lake Vidostern this past summer. “I like to walk around finding rocks and sticks in the water and then I usually walk around with my hands and knees in the water and in the sand,” she told Radio Sweden, as reported by NPR.

    That’s how she found it: a strange object in the water. It felt like a branch, at first, but when she lifted it up she saw the handle. A moment later, Saga knew just what it was and ran to show her father the sword.

    She and her father reported the sword to Swedish authorities, who have now determined the blade to be 1,500 years old.

    The sword is “exceptionally well-preserved,” according to the head of the cultural heritage department at the Jonkopings County Museum, Mikael Nordstrom. The sword is about 33 inches long and still has its sheath, which is made of wood and leather.

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    man says ghost planted meth on him after he was attacked with an axe

    It’s no secret that law enforcement authorities have to deal with various difficult cases on a day-to-day basis, but some cases are quite unusual, especially when they involve supernatural entities.

    According to a recent report by Knoe 8 News, authorities arrested a man from Ouachita Parish for possessing illegal drugs and for false reporting related to the presence of a ghost.

    The Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office responded to the call of a West-Monroe man, who said that he had been attacked with an ax. Authorities said that the man claimed to be “stabbed in the head with a bladed weapon,” per the report.

    However, when the deputies from the Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene, they found the man standing at his front door, cursing at someone or something which couldn’t be seen by anyone else.

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    Man walking beneath a full moon.

    A man who claims he was sent by the British government to a future where immortal human cyborgs rule has passed a lie detector test.

    The Mirror reports that William Taylor claims he was part of a project funded by the British government which saw him spend six hours in the year 8973.

    On his jolly jaunt into realms unknown, William encountered all manner of fancy things including telepathic robot-human hybrids who live forever.

    In a secretive project that he claims was sponsored by the British government, Taylor was fast-tracked forward a few thousand years to see what was what.

    And despite apocalyptic predictions about the future of planet Earth, Taylor said it was a “Utopia” that he didn’t want to leave. Apparently, there was no crime, conflict, poverty or disease, and there was a cure for every problem.

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    Christine Blasey Ford testifies against Brett Kavanaugh

    Yesterday, TIME unveiled their latest magazine cover, showing an incredible depiction of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, created by artist John Mavroudis. The San Franciscan knew that he would cause a wave of controversy by getting involved in the highly politicized debate over Ford’s allegations and testimony against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, but has since come forward to explain the purpose behind it, and to explain the ripple effect he has witnessed since.

    As reported by USA Today, Mavroudis decided to use Ford’s own words from during her testimony last week at the Senate hearing to create the image, with the illustration showing her with her eyes closed and her right hand raised as she was sworn in. The result is Ford’s own voice creating her image on the cover.

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    Judge Brett Kavanaugh testifies during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on his nomination be an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, focusing on allegations of sexual assault by Kavanaugh against Christine Blasey Ford in the early 1980s.

    With the FBI investigation into claims of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh wrapped up, it is more than likely that by the end of Friday the world will know whether he will become the next Supreme Court Justice, but his statements made under oath during his testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee have caused some critics to believe the vote should already be a moot point. They say Kavanaugh’s testimony was evasive, misleading, and probably false, all while being made under oath, reportsBusiness Insider.

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    U.S. first lady Melania Trump hosts a reception in honor of United Nations General Assembly attendees at the U.S mission to the UN building on September 26, 2018 in New York City.

    First Lady Melania Trump continued her tour of Africa with a two-day trip to Kenya, where she visited a national park near Nairobi, the country’s capital, as reported by The Express.

    Trump traveled the park in a safari vehicle and had a close encounter with some zebras before heading to the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage to feed some baby elephants. Trump wore a white shirt and khaki trousers and was dressed down in traditional safari garb. The wife of President Donald Trump fed two elephants and seemed to be enjoying her time as she stroked the young creatures.

    As she took part in personally feeding the young elephants, Trump lost her footing at one point as an energetic elephant raced past her. Trump was visibly frightened and put her hand out to push the elephant away. The workers around her were helpless as Trump had to jump back to avoid the mini-stampede.

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