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    Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, Julie Swetnick, Michael Avenatti

    On Wednesday, attorney Michael Avenatti released an affidavit via his Twitter from Julie Swetnick, a 55-year-old Washington, D.C., web designer who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of shocking sexual offenses, including “targeting” women at parties to be drugged and gang raped. The affidavit even accused Kavanaugh of being present when Swetnick herself was drugged and raped by multiple teenage boys.

    Since she made her allegations, which Kavanaugh has denied, several media outlets, including the Inquisitr, have reported that an ex-boyfriend of Swetnick filed a restraining order against her in 2001. The boyfriend — 63-year-old Richard Vinneccy of Miami/Dade County, Florida — said that Swetnick was “not credible at all.”

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    Stormy Daniels attends the 2018 Adult Video News Awards

    The Ohio vice squad that arrested adult film actress Stormy Daniels at a Columbus strip club in July is now under federal investigation.

    Columbus police chief Kim Jacobs announced on Thursday that the Public Corruption Task Force of the FBI is now probing the vice section of her agency for criminal activity linked to recent high-profile incidents, which include Daniel’s arrest.

    In a statement released on Sept. 27, the Columbus Division of Police called on the public to report members of the vice squad who may be involved in shady activities.

    “Recent high-profile incidents have brought forward a variety of allegations against the Vice section via social media postings and other sources,” the press release of the Columbus Division of Police stated.

    “Persons who have knowledge of criminal activity by members of the Columbus Police Vice personnel are asked to call a tip line set up by the FBI to investigate these claims.”

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    Ohio Police Called To Park For Report Of A Dead Body, On Closer Inspection They Find Out It's A Sex Doll

    Police outside of Cincinnati were called to a park for a report of a dead, naked body.

    When they arrived to investigate, officers found out it was actually something very, very different: a discarded sex doll.

    The incident took place in Colerain Township, where Hamilton County engineers were working in the Richardson Forest Preserve and called police for what they believed was a dead body. As Fox 59 reported, the body appeared to be wrapped in a garbage bag and abandoned on a hillside.

    When police got a closer look at the “body,” they realized it was actually a sex doll that appeared to be a bit bruised and battered. Colerain Police Chief Mark Denney said officers opened the bag to find that inside was a life-sized female doll, one that, from a distance, looked just like a real person.

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    Teens Getting Death Threats After Viral Video Shows Them Release Dog To Kill A Pet Cat

    Two teenagers are getting death threats after someone online identified them as the pair seen in a viral video releasing a dog so it could maul a neighborhood cat to death.

    The video, which had been causing quite a stir online, showed the pair using a stick to prod the cat to come out from under a car, where it had been hiding. They then sent a dog after the cat. As Wales Online reported, the dog attacked the cat, killing it.

    The incident grew even more disturbing from there. After the dog had killed the cat, a 12-year-old named Sully, the boys picked up its dead body and tossed it over a wall, where it was later found by a neighbor.

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    Maurizio Zanfanti, Legendary Playboy Who Claimed He Slept With 6,000 Women, Dies While Having Sex

    It could be said that Maurizio Zanfanti died doing what he loved: a young woman.

    The 63-year-old Italian man, who claimed that he slept with more than 6,000 women through his work as a nightclub promoter, died this week in Romania while reportedly having sex with a 23-year-old tourist in the back of a car. As the New York Post reported, the young woman in the car with Zanfanti called police after he suffered the heart attack, but paramedics could not revive the man.

    It was not entirely clear when during the act Zanfanti suffered the heart attack. The Mirror noted that the two were finished and the woman was putting her clothes back on when she noticed the 63-year-old man in medical distress.

    His death was mourned by local officials, and likely a number of women. A local newspaper called Il Resto Del Carlino said that “Zanza died after doing what he did best — loving women,” while another referred to him as a “legend.”

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    Yard Sale Sign On The Mailbox

    After learning that he is dying of cancer, a Pennsylvania man decided to sell his belongings to prepare for his passing.

    For several weekends in August, Vietnam War veteran Willie Davis held yard sales so he can raise enough money to pay for his own funeral.

    Davis was diagnosed with stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma and did not expect to live long, so he decided to sell his clothes, DVDs, furniture and other items. He hoped that the amount he would raise could help him afford to be buried next to his parents in Virginia.

    David Dunkleberger and his friend Ed Sheets happened to attend one of these yard sales. They did not know about Davis’ situation until they were was about to leave from the sale. As they were paying for the items, Davis asked them to spread the word to everyone who might be interested in his sale since he was raising money for a funeral.

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    Man looking at an Apple store

    California attorney general Xavier Becerra revealed in a statement released on Thursday that 17 people had been charged in connection with a robbery scheme that targeted Apple stores in California.

    The thieves have stolen more than $1 million worth of iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads from Apple stores across 19 counties.

    In a statement, Becerra explained how the thefts occurred in broad daylight. The suspects would enter the retail stores in large groups wearing hoodies, and quickly snatch the devices on display. The robbery is done in just a matter of seconds.

    ABC7 reported that there were at least 21 of these run-and-grab thefts at California Apple stores since mid May. Each of these robberies is estimated to have hauled around $30,000 in stolen goods.

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    Cars lined in street

    Two children were found dead in hot cars just hours apart in central Florida on Friday.

    The Orlando Sentinel reported that a 4-year-old boy died after he was left in a hot car outside a school in Orange County.

    A bystander spotted the child alone in a locked vehicle about 2:30 p.m. and brought him to a fire station across the street. Firefighters brought the boy to a hospital but he was unfortunately declared dead.

    Orange County Sheriff’s spokesman Jeff Williamson said that the child was likely in the vehicle for some time. He said that the incident was likely an accident.

    “We do seminars on it, the mayor’s office, the sheriff’s office do seminars, there are triggers and mechanisms in place to help you remember that a child is left in a car,” Williamson said. “It’s always sad, it’s always accidental and it’s always tragic.”

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    Mountain Goat

    When most people think about Olympic National Park in Washington state, they likely think about the park’s epic coastlines, scenic forests, and gorgeous mountains.

    However, the park is facing an issue that not many would imagine they’d have to tackle: a massive population of mountain goats that have developed an unusual craving for human urine, as reported by Motherboard.

    Their addiction has become so serious that the National Park Services (NPS) and the USDA Forest Service have started tagging and recoating the goats two at a time via helicopter to forests in the nearby North Cascades, making sure to blindfold them so they can’t find their way back.

    “The plan is to reach a zero population level of mountain goats in the park and adjacent Olympic National Forest lands…[removing] approximately 90 percent of the projected 2018 mountain goat population, or approximately 625 to 675 mountain goats,” state park officials told Motherboard.

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    Lindsay Lohan attends & DailyMailTV Holiday Party with Flo Rida on December 6, 2017 at The Magic Hour in New York City.

    Actress Linsay Lohan posted a bizarre video on her Instagram page, in which she accuses a seemingly-homeless Muslim family of child trafficking and attempts to kidnap one of the children, according to The National.

    Lohan, who posted on Instagram that she was spending the day in Moscow, Russia, uploaded a video to her Instagram Live story of her approaching a family who was resting on the street under a blanket.

    Claiming the family were refugees from war-torn Syria, Lohan began the video telling her viewers about the family of four.

    “Hey everyone, I just want to show you a family that I met,” she said in the video, “a Syrian refugee family that I’m really worried about. They really need help.”

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    F-35B Lightning II is ready for action.

    A United States Marine Corps fighter jet has unexpectedly crashed in Beaufort County, South Carolina, according to CNN. The incident in question took place just before noon on Friday, September 29, details The Guardian.

    The pilot, a United States marine, was thankfully able to successfully eject from the aircraft before it plunged earthward. He was then immediately triaged and assessed by medical personnel.

    An official press release from the United States Marine Corps posted to popular social media platform Twitter further details the particulars of the incident, claiming that the precise time of the crash was 11:45 a.m. local. Promising an investigation into the precise cause of the crash — which is eminently clear given the massive $115 million price tag of the lost equipment and dangerously close call for the pilot — the press release also makes it known that there were no civilian casualties connected to the incident.

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    Devastation after 2004 Tsunami in Aceh, Indonesia

    A terrifying video has surfaced on social media that shows a tsunami tearing through Palu City in Indonesia with killer waves measuring up to 10-feet high. The powerful tsunami sent the water crashing through the area Friday right at dusk, destroying everything in its path. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the giant waves were spawned by a magnitude 7.5 earthquake that struck on the highly active “Ring Of Fire” and hit close to central Sulawesi at a depth of a little over six miles. The BBC reports that the catastrophe left 400 dead and that the number is expected to go up.

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    Asian-Americans sue Harvard for discrimination

    A federal judge in Boston has cleared the way for a discrimination lawsuit against Harvard University to go to trial. The bench trial is scheduled to begin on October 15.

    In their lawsuit, a group of Asian-American students claims Harvard discriminated against them in its admissions process through the use of racial quotas designed to artificially limit their representation in the student body.

    U.S. District Judge Allison Burroughs rejected pretrial motions by both Harvard and the Students for Fair Admissions Inc. — the group representing the Asian-American plaintiffs — to rule in their favor, Voice of America reported.

    “There are disputed material facts based on Harvard’s fact witnesses, the statistical evidence, and the expert opinions presented by each side that cannot be resolved before trial,” Judge Burroughs wrote in her opinion.

    Harvard has admitted that it considers race in its admissions process as part of affirmative-action programs designed to promote certain minority groups, but denied that it discriminates against Asian applicants.

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    Giant Mosquitos Swarm North Carolina In Aftermath Of Hurricane Florence

    With Hurricane Florence having brought flooding and damage to various Southern states earlier this month, swarms of giant-sized mosquitos known as “gallinippers” have been spotted in parts of North Carolina. These mosquitos, according to reports, can be up to three times larger than average, making them easy to mistake for wasps.

    According to North Carolina State University entomology professor Michael Reiskind, who spoke to the Fayetteville Observer earlier this week, there are 61 different species of mosquitos found in North Carolina. These include Psorophora ciliata, a species also known as the “gallinipper” or “shaggy-legged gallinipper” because of the insects’ aggressive tendencies, and commonly associated with other floodwater species. Their eggs only hatch after heavy rains or flooding, and with Florence having just struck North Carolina, and resulted in widespread floods and the “rapid” population growth of these large mosquitos, gallinipper swarms have become a regular occurrence in the state.

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    Cancer Patient Pays $1,000 In Airline Fees After She Accidentally Marks Herself As 'Terrorist' On Travel Form

    Breast cancer patient Mandie Stevenson was hoping to cross off one item from her bucket list when she booked a flight to New York and filled out her visa waiver form online. But when she accidentally answered “yes” to a question that asked if she was planning to, or had previously engaged in terrorist activities or other related crimes, that kicked off a saga where she ended up paying the equivalent of over $1,000 to have her flight rebooked to a later date.

    According to BBC News, the 29-year-old Stevenson, a resident of Falkirk, Scotland, was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer in 2015 and had been planning a trip to New York with her boyfriend as part of her bucket list. As she thought she had everything in order after completing her ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) form, she was shocked upon finding out that her application was rejected due to her apparent mistake.

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    Ted Turner talks CNN

    CNN founder Ted Turner is disappointed with the direction the 24-hour cable news channel he launched has taken in recent years. Specifically, the billionaire mogul said he wishes CNN covered less politics than it does now and promoted a “more balanced agenda.”

    “I think they’re sticking with politics a little too much,” Turner told CBS Sunday Morning. “They’d do better to have a more balanced agenda.”

    Turner launched CNN in 1980 and then sold CNN and its sister network, TBS, to Time-Warner in 1996. Turner, 79, no longer has any connection to either network, and lives quietly in Montana.

    Turner is currently battling health issues stemming from the onset of Lewy Body Dementia, a progressive brain disorder.

    Fox News Has Beaten CNN Ratings Every Year Since 1996

    Turner said when he ran CNN, he was friends with powerful and influential world leaders who cared about his opinion because he shaped news coverage.

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    Sarah Palin's son is arrested on DV charges again.

    Fans have been hearing a lot about Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, a lot more recently. That’s thanks to her new role on the TV show, Teen Mom OG. But now, it looks like it’s her oldest son, Track, who is in the limelight. Except this time, the publicity isn’t for anything good.

    According to a daily dispatch report from the Alaska Department of Public Safety, Track, was arrested after there were reports of domestic violence at his home in Wasilla. The 29-year-old was arrested on September 28 around 10:40 p.m. The police report describes how he “assaulted an acquaintance,” and then later “prevented her [from calling authorites] by taking away her phone.”

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    Real Madrid Soccer Club Honors Palestinian Teen Ahed Tamimi

    In December, 17-year-old Palestinian Ahed Tamimi slapped an Israeli soldier, landing her and her mother in prison for eight months. The two were attending a protest against the occupation of her village in the West Bank. The video of Ahed and her mother pushing and slapping the soldier while arguing with him went viral on Facebook and then on social media, and many proclaimed her a hero in its wake.

    It also resulted in the military court sentencing them both to an eight-month prison term. Marca reports that hours before Madrid’s soccer derby against Atelico on Friday, Spanish retired soccer player Emilio Butragueno welcomed her to the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and gave her a jersey with her name and the number nine on the back. She was in Spain with her parents to participate in some political and social events.

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    Ronaldo is accused of rape.

    Cristiano Ronaldo is a very popular soccer player. He has over 142 million followers on Instagram, and has made a name for himself in the sports world. But it may all come crumbling down, depending on what happens next as a woman has come forward to accuse him of raping her in 2009.

    The American woman, named Kathryn Mayorga, said that Ronaldo raped her in his penthouse hotel room at Palms Place in Las Vegas, according to the Irish Times. She detailed that the two decided to go swimming, and as she was changing into her bathing suit in the bathroom, he walked in with no underwear on. He then asked her to kiss him, and “touched me all over… I pushed him away and again said ‘no’.”

    Kathryn then said that he pulled off her underwear, and then raped her anally. Afterwards, this is what she said happened.

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    Samuel Jackson responds to viral video.

    Someone is responsible for compiling a viral video compilation for Twitter which features Samuel L. Jackson from Pulp Fiction. In the scene, Jackson’s character, Jules, interrogates someone named Brett. The compilation cuts between scenes from the movie, and scenes from the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, detailed the Inquisitr. People thought it was hilarious, and it made its rounds on social media.

    Now, Jackson himself has responded to the video. This is what he said on Twitter.

    “Funny as h*ll, but there’s nothing funny about his Lying Fratboy A**!!!”

    Since that statement, Jackson has retracted his “fratboy” insult, saying the following.

    “Apologies to you Fratboys that aren’t liars & rapists, I cast that net a lil bit wide.”

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