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    Jars of baby food on a shelf.

    There is evil and then there is poisoning jars of baby food with enough antifreeze ingredient to ensure the child who eats it would die a slow and painful death.

    The Mirror reports that a German man who was named by the courts only as Jochen S pleaded guilty to poisoning baby food and then blackmailing the supermarkets who were unwittingly selling the contaminated product.

    The toxic blackmailer demanded the supermarkets coughed up to the tune of £10m. If they met his twisted demands he said he would identify the poisoned jars he had placed upon their shelves, if not, then it was a case of Russian roulette.

    Prosecutors revealed that every contaminated jar contained enough poison to kill a child.

    Fortunately, the blundering blackmailer was caught before things escalated. Investigators studied baby food jars for his DNA and identified him from CCTV footage.

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    The CNN logo on the outside of its headquarters in New York City.

    UPDATE: The package with an explosive device that forced an evacuation from CNN headquarters in New York was addressed specifically to former CIA Director John Brennan, who served in the administration of former President Barack Obama.

    The device that was discovered in a suspicious package at the network was similar to those devices found at the homes of Hillary and Bill Clinton on Wednesday and billionaire philanthropist George Soros earlier in the week. The device is also similar to one that was in a package en route to Obama, according to reporting from CNN.

    Brennan, a regular contributor to programs on the network (as well as a frequent critic of President Donald Trump), had his security clearances revoked by the president earlier this summer.

    This is an update to an earlier report regarding a suspicious package being delivered to CNN. That original report is available below.

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    six-year-old boy in Arizona celebrates his birthday party alone after no one shows up.

    A birthday celebration is a momentous occasion for most kids across the world and they wait the whole year to celebrate their special day.

    Six-year-old Teddy Bollinger was one such super-excited kid when his mom decided to throw his first-ever birthday bash. However, to the little boy’s disappointment, no one showed up.

    According to a report by People, Teddy’s mother Sil Mazzini arranged a big birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza in Tuscon, Arizona, and invited 32 of Teddy’s classmates along with their parents.

    She told ABC15 that only two people informed that they would not be able to attend the party, but others just didn’t show up, leaving her son extremely disappointed and sad.

    “I’m done with parties for a while,” she said.

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    Jon James McMurray holding his guitar.

    Canadian rapper Jon James McMurray fell to his death from the wing of a plane while shooting his newest music video, reports the Guardian. As he performed a stunt that involved walking along the wing of a Cessna plane, the nose dipped down and he slipped off, unable to open his parachute in time.

    McMurray’s representative gave a statement about the tragic accident.

    “His final act included performing an airplane stunt that included rapping while walking on the wing. As Jon got further out onto the wing of the plane, it caused the small Cessna to go into a downward spiral that the pilot couldn’t correct. Jon held onto the wing until it was too late, and by the time he let go, he didn’t have time to pull his chute. He impacted and died instantly.”

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    A sign denoting the San Diego Union-Tribune.

    Streets were shut down on Wednesday morning in front of the San Diego Union-Tribune building in downtown San Diego, California, after suspicious unattended packages were noticed sitting in front of the building. Employees inside the building were immediately evacuated away from the area.

    The packages were first noticed by a police lieutenant walking by, according to reporting from theUnion-Tribune. That officer called in to report the packages around 8:15 a.m. Pacific Standard Time.

    Streets surrounding the building have been cordoned off as a hazardous materials team investigates the situation. As of this reporting, there’s no word yet on what is inside the packages at the Union-Tribune.

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    Yellow police tape with "POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS" is displayed in front of police cars with flashing lights in the background.

    A Northern Virginia man was beaten to death last week while trying to stop a woman from being sexually assaulted, ABC7 reported.

    On Thursday, October 18, at 9:21 p.m., Arlington County Police were called to 13th Street South at South George Mason Drive. There, officers say that 27-year-old Michael Nash was walking in the area with a woman when he started physically and sexually assaulting her.

    Arlington man Patricio Salazar, 54, saw what was happening and intervened — trying to help the victim. Officials said that Nash then turned his attention upon Salazar, and began to attack him.

    Another witness, 27-year-old Bradley Flood, who lived nearby, came out of his home to help, WUSA reported.

    “I just heard screaming. Wasn’t saying anything, she was just screaming as loud as she could,” Flood said.

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    Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Clinton attempted to ease the fears of those who worry for her safety after federal authorities intercepted an explosive device bound for her Chappaqua residence on Wednesday, October 24. However, while she expressed confidence that the Secret Service has her life in good hands, the former secretary of state conveyed regret that she can’t be as optimistic about the security of U.S. democracy at large, given the recent wave of threats.

    “It is a troubling time, isn’t it? It is a time of deep divisions, and we have to do everything that we can to bring our country together,” the Miami Herald quotes Clinton as saying while speaking to an audience of South Florida supporters just hours after word got out that she and her husband were among several Democratic leaders and news agencies targeted with suspicious packages.

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    Ashley Goette gave CPR to her husband before giving birth to their son

    The last week of pregnancy can be a real struggle for any woman. However, when your husband goes into cardiac arrest, it becomes a completely different kind of struggle.

    Ashley Goette from Minneapolis found this out when her husband, Andrew, went into cardiac arrest on October 16 — one day before the planned induction of their baby boy. As a result of this, she had to perform CPR on him with the assistance of medical staff who were on the phone while she was instructed on how to save her husband’s life.

    “The dispatcher walked me through CPR because I am not trained,” Goette said, according to CBS Minnesota. “They wanted me to get him down to a hard surface and I explained to them that I couldn’t because I am 39 weeks pregnant.”

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    Californian man sets fire to house trying to kill black widow spiders with a blowtorch

    “There was a spider, I panicked,” the meme says, showing an image of a burning house. “But I think it’s gone now.”

    Everyone has seen the meme about getting rid of spiders by burning them with fire. However, while the meme is funny, a Californian man has proved the reality is not really hilarious at all. Using a blowtorch, the man managed to cause significant damage to the second floor and attic of his parents’ house while trying to get rid of black widow spiders.

    According to KFSN-TV, Fresno Fire was called out to a blaze that was started by a man who was trying to eradicate black widow spiders by using a blowtorch. The house he burned was his parents’ home, which he had been house-sitting for them. Luckily, while the house was damaged, no one was injured.

    Well, except for the spiders.

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    Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks before reporters at a press conference on Obama and Clinton bomb threats.

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo joined CNN on Wednesday night, October 24, to bring a horrifying twelve hours for the network and the nation to a close, with his recollection of what it was like to come to terms with the growing realization that authorities had a massive terror plot on their hands. In piecing it all together, the two-term New York governor couldn’t help but be reminded of the feeling that set upon him on the fateful morning of September 11, 2001.

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    Trump using smartphone

    Both current and former US officials have told the New York times that President Donald Trump’s personal calls are being monitored by the Chinese and Russians. Furthermore, Trump has been made aware of the situation yet refuses to change is behavior.

    “Mr. Trump’s aides have repeatedly warned him that his cellphone calls are not secure, and they have told him that Russian spies are routinely eavesdropping on the calls, as well. But aides say the voluble president, who has been pressured into using his secure White House landline more often these days, has still refused to give up his iPhones. White House officials say they can only hope he refrains from discussing classified information when he is on them.”

    Reminiscent of the Bloomberg spy chip story, the article does not provide any technical details on how the surveillance is taking place. However, it is not completely silent on the matter.

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    Robert De Niro latest recipient of suspicious package.

    Actor Robert De Niro is the latest person to have been sent a suspicious package by anonymous sources, according to CNN.

    With just under two weeks to go before the midterms, America’s domestic intelligence agencies have been on high alert after Democratic billionaire and philanthropist George Soros received a suspicious package in his mail. Then, yesterday, a spate of Democrats including former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Maxine Waters were reported to have had suspicious packages sent out to them. Fortunately, all those packages were intercepted by members of the Secret Service. CNN had to stop broadcasting mid-air when it was reported that a suspicious package was found on the New York premises of their studios, which, like the other suspicious packages sent to Soros and the Democrats, turned out to be crude but functioning pipe bombs.

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    Earlier, the New York Times broke a story about China and Russia spying on President Trump’s personal phone calls via his unsecured iPhone. In a case of possibly the most dangerous iPhone addiction ever reported, Trump continues to use his phone despite being warned of the breach.

    China has not remained silent on the matter. The Verge writer Sam Byford reports on China’s official response.

    “Hua Chunying, frequent official spokesperson and deputy director of the Chinese foreign ministry’s information department, said ‘If they are very worried about iPhones being tapped, they can use Huawei,’ as reported by The Washington Post’s Luna Lin. Hua went on to dismiss the NYT’s report as ‘fake news,’ according to the South China Morning Post. ‘Seeing this report, I feel there are those in America who are working all-out to win the Oscar for best screenplay,’ she is reported to have said.”

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    Jamal Khashoggi's murder "premeditated," says Saudi Arabia.

    Journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s murder was “premeditated,” Saudi Arabia’s public prosecutor has said.

    This is a direct admission of Khashoggi’s murder being planned in advance, in contrast to the inconsistent narratives espoused by Saudi Arabia in the days after the disappearance of the Saudi defector and Washington Post columnist. The journalist went missing on October 2 after entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul to collect some paperwork, and while Saudi Arabia initially claimed innocence about his whereabouts, Turkey’s evidence and increasing international media pressure seem to have cornered the Middle Eastern nation into admitting guilt.

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    With No Powerball Winner In Wednesday's Drawing, Prize Creeps Up To $750 Million And Could Hit $1 Billion

    With no Powerball winners in Wednesday’s drawing, it could soon be deja vu for lottery hopefuls.

    Just days after the Mega Millions topped $1 billion in two consecutive drawings, the other multi-state lottery is approaching that mark after Wednesday’s $602.5 million prize went unawarded as no one matched the Powerball winning numbers. As the Courier-Journal reported, the prize will immediately jump to $750 million and could continue to grow as ticket sales increase in the days before Saturday’s big drawing.

    The Powerball winning numbers for October 24 were 3, 21, 45, 53, 56 and Powerball 22. While no one won the jackpot, the Courier-Journal reported that there was at least one second-prize winner, a Kentucky player who took home $1 million for matching five numbers.

    With the drawing coming up empty on Wednesday, the losing streak for Powerball now stretches yet another week. The last time anyone won the jackpot was August 11, when a man from Staten Island took home a prize worth $245.6 million.

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    Mega Millions Jackpot Billboard

    The owner of the convenience store in South Carolina that sold the $1.5 billion winning lottery ticket said he wants to share part of his $50,000 bonus with his employees.

    CJ Patel, who claims he has no clue who bought the winning ticket for Tuesday night’s Mega Millions drawing, also said he planned on sharing the bonus with his staff team of four, as reported by the Daily Mail.

    “I hope he will keep coming in,” Patel said of the lottery winner. “He’d be good for the business.”

    He has owned the KC Mart in Simpsonville for over three years and said he noticed a steady growth in customers the past few days as the prize kept growing too. Until now, the biggest winning ticket Patel had sold was worth $250,000.

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    Donald Trump, Wikileaks, Robert Mueller, Jerome Corsi, Roger Stone, InfoWars, Russia, 2016 presidential election

    Jerome Corsi, a friend of longtime Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone, knew ahead of time that Wikileaks would release thousands of illegally hacked Hillary Clinton campaign emails during the 2016 presidential election campaign, and Russia investigation Special Counsel Robert Mueller has evidence to prove it, according to a new NBC News report.

    If indeed Mueller can demonstrate that Corsi — a former Washington D.C. “bureau chief” for the far-right conspiracy site InfoWars, according to The Hill— knew about the emails stolen by Russian hackers before they became public, that would put evidence of collusion with Russia in the election just two steps removed from Trump himself.

    Corsi, now 72, is a prominent author of conspiracy-theory books that often target top Democratic politicians. In 2004, he had a Number One bestseller, according to The Washington Post, with his book Unfit for Command, which sparked the “Swift Boat” attacks on Democratic 2004 presidential candidate John Kerry, claiming that Kerry had lied about events during his military service in Vietnam.

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    georgia town plans to house sex offenders in jail on halloween

    A Georgia mayor plans to round up all of the sex offenders in his jurisdiction who are on probation and make them spend the evening in City Hall, USA Today is reporting. And the plan is perfectly legal under Georgia law.

    Grovetown Mayor Gary E. Jones wrote on Facebook on Monday that the 25-30 sex offenders who live in the rural community near Augusta should plan on spending the better part of the evening downtown.

    “In order to ensure the safety of our children, all sex offenders (on Probation) in the City of Grovetown (area) will be housed in the Council Chambers on Halloween night from 6pm-9pm. There are approx. 25-30 offenders and they will be overseen by the GA Dept. of Community Supervision District 10 (4 officers) and accompanied by one Grovetown Officer.”

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    Nancy Pelosi speaks to a crowd at a podium

    Frequent Donald Trump target Nancy Pelosi says she isn’t afraid of the “MAGA bomber,” a term that is now being used to describe the individual or group who sent potentially explosive devices to several of Trump’s strongest critics yesterday. Pelosi was approached by TMZ cameras about the bomb threats, which have been sent to eight prominent Trump opponents. When asked if she was afraid for her own safety, the congresswoman replied that she wasn’t scared.

    “Well, I have been a target for a very long time. This is nothing new for me,” she said.

    This week, mail bombs were sent to the homes and offices of multiple different people that President Donald Trump has frequently made a target of his fiery rhetoric. George Soros, CNN, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, Joe Biden, and Robert De Niro have all received explosive devices by mail this week. None of the devices have detonated, though more continue to arrive.

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    Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center on October 3, 2015

    Two suspicious packages addressed to former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden were found in two post offices in Delaware.

    According to Delaware Online, law enforcement officials confirmed on Thursday that the suspicious packages were found in post offices at Lancaster Avenue in Wilmington and Quigley Boulevard in New Castle.

    The police responded to the Quigley Boulevard post office shortly before 6 a.m. Police also conducted an investigation at the Lancaster Avenue post office just before 8 a.m.

    The packages are the latest in a series of apparently connected packages of suspected explosive devices sent to prominent critics of President Donald Trump and the CNN office.

    All the packages were similar. They came in manila envelopes with bubble-wrap interior bearing six stamps.

    Law enforcement officials said that Biden’s packages were considered suspicious because of similarities to other packages that were sent earlier.

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