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    Donald Trump encourages violence against journalists, say 6 in 10 young Americans.

    Nearly 6 in 10 young Americans believe that Donald Trump encourages violence against journalists, according to the results of a new NowThis/PredictWise poll.

    The poll surveyed 750 people between the ages of 18-34 and asked them if they believed that Trump — either directly or indirectly — encouraged the use of violence and intimidation against journalists. Fifty-seven percent of the surveyed pool said that Trump did encourage violence against reporters.

    The poll also asked questions to older Americans, and not unlike the results of recent polls which have seen the country polarized on partisan lines, the results of the NowThis/PredictWise poll could be clearly demarcated on party lines. For instance, when the same question was asked to people who identified themselves as Democrats, a whopping 71 percent Americans said that Trump encouraged violence against journalists. For Republicans, that number fell to 17 percent.

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    One-Week-Old Baby Aliza Rose Friend Dies Of Herpes Contracted From A Kiss

    Baby Aliza Rose Friend was a little over 2-days-old her health began dropping quickly.

    The baby girl did not want to eat, became lethargic, and spiked a fever, the Sun reported. There was so much fluid in the baby girl’s lungs that her mother says she could see the veins in her infant’s chest. A few days later, the baby girl died.

    Doctors said it was likely the result of a kiss, one that gave the baby girl a fatal case of neonatal herpes. As the Sun reported, doctors said the case is so incredibly rare that they often don’t even warn parents about it, but in the infection that Aliza Rose Friend contracted was so severe that it spread to her brain, leaving her brain dead.

    The baby’s mother, Abigail, said she wants others to know about the dangers of neonatal herpes and warns them to wash hands and not kiss newborn infants.

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    Bernie Sanders warns Democrats ahead of midterms.

    Bernie Sanders has a word of caution for Democrats.

    Democrats appear to be upbeat about their chances in the upcoming midterms, especially as Donald Trump’s two-year at the helm of the country seems to have reinvigorated a dormant but left-leaning populace towards voting in the elections. Recent polls have shown Democrats gaining momentum in swing states and actually edging out Republicans in Congress, but Sanders, who very well knows that a massive uprising does not always translate to a win, cautioned Democrats not to get carried away about their chances.

    Marching for Democrat J.D. Scholten, who is running against Representative Steve King in Iowa, along with a group of college Democrats, Sanders told the New York Times that he does not see a “blue great wave” coming in the midterms. Instead, he said, the party which would win control of the Congress would edge out the other only by a few seats.

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    Dark clouds in a circular formation create the eye of typhoon Maysak in 2005.

    Super Typhoon Yutu made a direct hit to the Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S. commonwealth in the South Pacific Ocean, on Wednesday, devastating the area and leaving thousands of residents without power and water, CNN reported.

    Yutu is the strongest storm on record to hit the island communities of Tinian and Saipan, which are the largest of the Mariana Islands and home to about 55,000 people, and one of the strongest storms to ever hit a U.S. territory. It sustained winds of 174 mph as it strengthened to the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane before hitting the islands, making it one of the planet’s strongest tropical cyclones this year.

    Residents of Saipan and Tinian were issued a weather warning by Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Island authorities late Wednesday night, cautioning that storm surges “pose life-threatening risk for those living along the coast.” CNN reported that surges of five to seven feet were recorded for the islands.

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    A crowd looks at a copy of the Magna Carta in Washington D.C.

    A man was arrested Thursday for allegedly vandalizing and attempting to steal a copy of an original Magna Carta. The document, which is one of the four surviving copies, is housed in the Salisbury Cathedral in London. According to the New York Times, a 45-year-old man was taken into custody on suspicion of smashing three holes into the case that protects the document.

    A man allegedly entered the cathedral on Thursday and used a hammer to smash holes in the case that houses the Magna Carta, which was made in 1215. The suspect was quickly apprehended and the document itself is unharmed.

    “We are very relieved that no one was hurt during the incident and that the Magna Carta itself is undamaged,” said a representative for the Salisbury Cathedral. “We are very grateful to all who dealt with the situation so swiftly.”

    The document was removed from display temporarily after the incident.

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    "Game Changer" Episode 513 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kathryn Dennis, Thomas Ravenel -

    Former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel is about to face a judge in his first hearing after his arrest on assault charges. At the hearing on November 5 in Charleston, a judge will determine whether or not the case will be held over for trial and with charges he should face in reference to the alleged assault on the Ravenel family nanny, Nanny Dawn.

    People Magazine says that for now, the prosecutor is planning on proceeding with assault and battery charges. Nanny Dawn claims she was sexually assaulted by Thomas Ravenel. She worked as a nanny for his two children, Kensington Calhoun and St. Julien Rembert Ravenel, after he broke things off with their mother, Kathryn Dennis.

    Nanny Dawn, who has asked that the media doesn’t use her last name, said that she’s hoping the charges against Ravenel will be increased after the detective in the case, Christopher Malinowski, testifies about the evidence he’s gathered against the former politician.

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    10 types of lottery players

    This week’s Mega Millions $1.5 billion jackpot, the second-largest lottery prize in the history of the world, brought the lottery into the national consciousness with levels of hysteria rarely seen. The lottery is a psychological game just as much as a probabilistic one, and nearly half of American adults will play the lottery each year, for myriad reasons as diverse as the population itself. Yet according to Math With Bad Drawings author Ben Orlin on Vox, these players will generally fall into one of 10 categories.

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    Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse attend the Magical World of Disney On Ice opening night at the Sydney Entertainment Centre July 5, 2006

    Disney fans can now obtain a Mickey Mouse house, People is reporting. A new home being sold in Palm Bay, Florida, is geared towards the ultimate Disney fan. Located only an hour away from Disney World, the house contains five bedrooms and six bathrooms — all Disney-themed. The home resides on eight acres of land, and even the outdoors sticks to the theme with a Mickey Mouse-shaped pool. Dave Settgast with Treasure Coast Sotheby’s International Realty put the place on the market for $849,000.

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    Tecas voting machines are allegedly changing votes

    Voters heading to the polls early for the midterm elections in Texas are reporting that the voting machines are completely flip-flopping their selections when they vote straight party.

    The straight party vote allows you to fill in just one space on the ballot to vote for all Democratic or all Republican candidates. But if you do it in Texas, the machine will allegedly switch your ballot to the opposing party.

    There are few nail-biter races in the Texas midterms, particularly the Senate race between incumbent Ted Cruz (R) and Beto O’Rourke, according to PBS.

    On Friday, the office of the secretary of state of Texas released a statement saying there have been problems with a specific brand of voting machines, Hart eSlate. These machines are used in about 30 percent of counties in Texas, so this could become a widespread problem. Around 82 counties in Texas are currently using them, according to the Texas Tribune.

    That’s about 7.2 million registered voters.

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    Christopher Wray speaks in front of a microphone

    FBI Director Christopher Wray attempted to put to rest the growing right-wing theory that the bomb devices sent to prominent targets of Donald Trump were not real. According to CBS, the devices contain “energetic material” that can explode when exposed to heat or friction.

    “Though we’re still analyzing these devices in our laboratory, these were not hoax devices,” said Wray.

    According to Wray, 13 devices have been sent to prominent figures on the left and to CNN. Each device has 6 inches of PVC pipe, a clock, and wiring, along with an explosive material. Wray also revealed that FBI agents identified a possible DNA connection to the suspect and a fingerprint from the envelopes.

    Wray’s comments came during a press conference discussing the arrest of Cesar Sayoc as a suspect for sending the bombs. The FBI director was careful to avoid speculating on Sayoc’s political motivation.

    “We’re concerned about people committing violence under any motivation,” Wray said.

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    WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 26: Dennis Shepard speaks during a memorial service for Matthew Shepard at the National Cathedral on October 26, 2018 in Washington, DC. Shepard, a gay man, was murdered twenty years ago is to be interred at the Cathedral.

    According to BBC, Matthew Shepard was finally given a resting place, “20 years after he was brutally beaten and killed because of his sexuality.”

    Over 10 years after his death, the Matthew Shepard Act was passed, “expanding hate crime laws to include sexual orientation.”

    Matthew’s services were open to the public and were held at the Washington National Cathedral. Hundreds of mourners were in attendance.

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    Police Investigate Murder-Suicide

    Frank Sergi II, 52, and 44-year-old Kristal Sergi were both teachers for Hamilton Southeastern Schools and lived in Fishers, Indiana. Frank had worked as an art teacher since 1992, spending the majority of that time at Fall Creek Intermediate. Meanwhile, Kristal had been a preschool teacher at Hoosier Road Elementary. The couple was well known in the community and loved by many.

    Despite being in the middle of a divorce, the pair had no reported history of violence or domestic issues. According to People, the entire community was in disbelief upon hearing the news that both teachers were found dead in their home on Wednesday. Police were alerted of the situation by the Sergis’ neighbors who had heard gunshots nearby. Frank had one son from a previous marriage and shared another child with Kristal. Neither child was in the home at the time of the shooting.

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    'MAGABomber' Cesar Sayoc Told Former Manager She Would 'Burn In Hell' Because She Is Gay

    Cesar Sayoc, the alleged “MAGABomber,” told his former manager, Debra Gureghian, that she would “burn in hell” because she is gay, Raw Story reports.

    Gureghian managed Sayoc during his stunt at the New River Pizza and Fresh Kitchen in Fort Lauderdale.

    Sayoc, Guerghian claims, often talked about how God “hated” gay people, and insulted her over her sexual orientation.

    “His political views scared me,” she said, before continuing.

    “He knew I was a very proud Lesbian. He made it a point to say ‘God made a mistake with me’ and that I should ‘burn in hell.'”

    Homophobia is not out of character for Sayoc, whose social media profiles paint a picture of a deranged, hateful individual, obsessed with conspiracy theories, according to the Daily Beast.

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    Say no

    County officials are now saying that the concerning methamphetamine addiction is indeed driving up Kansas’ intense crime rates. These crime rates are also filling jails with individuals who would be better served in treatment centers, according to state and Wichita area leaders, reports the Idaho Statesman. Kansas and Sedgwick County officials met with community members at a Wichita Crime Commission event this past Thursday in an effort to further discuss exactly how to solve the state’s ever growing meth and opioid problem, the Idaho Statesman reported.

    In what may be shocking statistics to some, officials have documented that seven out of 10 inmates at the county jails are struggling with drug addiction. Sedgwick County Sheriff Jeff Easter said that many of these inmates who are suffering are likely in need of drug treatment or mental health services.

    “We can’t arrest our way out of this problem.”

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    Cesar Sayoc, Jr. was arrested on Friday.

    The Inquisitr earlier reported that the man believed to be behind the series of mailed bombs sent to Democratic politicians and media personalities was arrested on Friday morning.

    Cesar Sayoc, Jr., who is originally from Brooklyn and is now a resident of Florida, is in custody in connection with the pipe bombs that were mailed to critics of President Donald Trump this week. Reports said that the 56-year-old is a Republican with fervent admiration for Trump.

    How did investigators track Sayoc and identify him as the most likely person to have sent the explosive devices?

    According to CNN, a key break in the nationwide manhunt reportedly came on Thursday when investigators traced five packages to the Opa-Locka processing and distribution center outside of Miami.

    Using DNA and fingerprint samples that were left on a package sent to Rep. Maxine Waters, as well as pings from a cell phone tower, investigators pinned down Sayoc as the likely suspect.

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    San Jose will pay homeless to clean up garbage

    San Jose, one of the wealthiest cities in the nation and home to lavish bayside estates and beautiful downtown architecture, is not immune to the uglier aspects of civilization. Unsightly trash lines roadsides and creeks, and the less fortunate members of society tend to stick out amid the city’s Silicon Valley luster. Now, the city is launching a new effort to clean up its trash and help its homeless population at the same time, according to the Mercury-News.

    Starting this November, San Jose will partner with Downtown Streets Team and Goodwill to pay over 25 homeless men and women a minimum of $15 per hour to clean up certain “hotspots” around town. Downtown Streets and Goodwill will work together to hire and manage the workers, with the ultimate goal to help them transition into full-time employment. The city also received help from a local car dealership, Normandin Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, who sold two trucks to the organization at steep discounts to support the effort.

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    Israeli Prime Minister makes a secret visit to Oman

    Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, recently made a rare official visit to Oman on Thursday, marking the first Israeli visit to the Sunni-majority state in over 20 years.

    The surprise meeting with Oman’s Sultan Qaboos was kept secret until the Israeli premier’s return home, after which Netanyahu’s office announced the visit.

    The two countries share no official diplomatic ties; however, their relations were slightly warmed up following the Oslo Accords in the 1990s, as reported by Haaretz.

    Per the report, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas also visited Oman last week and called it “successful on all levels” in an interview on Palestinian TV.

    Despite a stalemate over the Palestinian crisis, Netanyahu said that the visit was an attempt to strengthen ties with the Arab world. He took to Twitter on Friday and posted photos of his reception and the meeting with the Sultan.

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    Roland Martin Discusses Megyn Kelly's Firing

    Many have spoken out in support of NBC’s decision to cancel Megyn Kelly Today, following her controversial comments on blackface earlier this week. Among those who agree with the cancellation is Roland Martin. However, the journalist doesn’t believe that Kelly’s blackface comments were the only reason NBC decided to cut her show.

    According to People, Martin publicly criticized Kelly for her earlier comments before coming on her show in an attempt to convey to her why he thought it was so important to promote an understanding of American history and the effect it still has on our nation today. He had hoped his words would not only change Kelly’s way of thinking, but also start a bigger conversation about respect concerning issues specific to race.

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    MAGABomber Suspect Cesar Sayoc Looked At Donald Trump Like A Father, Lawyer Says

    Bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc, Jr. was more than just a fan of Donald Trump, his lawyer claims.

    The man dubbed “MAGABomber” for his alleged attacks against political figures that are frequent targets of Trump was described as a “sick individual” who saw Trump as a stand-in for the father who abandoned him at a young age. As the New York Post reported, Miami lawyer Ronald Lowy said Sayoc had a strained relationship with his family, and Donald Trump filled the void.

    “This was someone lost, he was looking for anything and he found a father in Trump,” Lowy told CNN.

    Lowy also described the MAGABomber suspect as someone who is not connected to reality.

    “He doesn’t seem to recognize reality. He lives in a fantasy world,” Lowy said to local outlets. “The signs of mental illness are clearly there.”

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    Actor Richard Madden

    Richard Madden’s time on Game Of Thrones was cut short by the Red Wedding, and fans have probably been wondering when they’ll see him in a hugely popular show/movie again. Unfortunately for those fans, celebrity rumor watchdog Gossip Cop reports that the British actor will not be replacing Daniel Craig as James Bond, despite an article published in the Daily Mail.

    The Daily Mail claims that Madden is a top choice for the executive producer of the Bond films, Barbara Broccoli.

    “It’s seriously looking like he [Madden] is going to get the job,” their alleged source said. “Not only is he on top of Barbara’s list, but she is preparing to offer the role.”

    The source added that Broccoli was impressed by Madden’s performance in the BBC drama, Bodyguard, where he plays a gritty protection officer.

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